The Ice Cave: the museum in the glacier in Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes, a famous ski destination, in addition to conventional winter skiing and summer nature trekking, has a more unique and rare feature: the Ice Cave!

How to get to the frozen museum

Easily accessible from the town, with just 25 minutes by cable car Jandri Express, it is located at 3200 meters, in the presence of the Roche-Mantel glacier. Les Deux Alpes therefore, in addition to having always been an avant-garde resort in terms of tourist reception facilities, has over the years sported attractions that have proved fruitful for the area; among these spearheads is undoubtedly the Snow Park.

The history of the Ice Cave

The brilliant idea was in 1993 by the two mountain guides Lambolez and Gardent, who, discovering a cavity under the glacier, worked for three months with the pickaxe in hand. Around the main cavity, still today the highlight of the visit (it contains a huge stalactite inside), they created a series of smaller caves all around. The play of light that was reflected on the icy walls took a short time to attract sculptors; they approached curiously, were inspired to the point of producing the first five ice statues: a chamois, a mammoth, a tree, an eagle, and human faces.

The artistic peculiarities

In the largest and highest ice museum in the world (200 meters long and 40 meters deep) nothing remains unchanged over time. Every year the exhibition varies thanks to sculptors who more and more competitive with each other with an ice ax to create amazing sculptures! After a day on skis or snowshoes, Les Deux Alpes offers this “frozen” artistic walk as well as an après ski nightlife.

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