Freeride Ski: Paradise is the Island of Hokkaido

The abundance of snow, recorded annually between 9 and 15 meters, in the island of Hokkaido and the Nagano area of the island of Honshu, make Japan an ideal destination for practicing all types of winter sports, with Freeride on all. . In the two regions mentioned there are most of the country’s ski resorts, which as mentioned have the most abundant snowfalls on the planet. The avant-garde systems make everything even more attractive with the sole limitation, compared to the localities of the Alps, of the differences in height that do not exceed 1000 meters and the slopes lower than those in Europe.

Freeride in Japan

Initially prohibited, later very limited with very strict management rules, today Japan, and Niseko in particular, have become a world reference point for athletes who love fresh snow and off-piste. The location of Hokkaido Island causes Siberian cold cloud systems to collide with the moist Pacific currents right above the Island, producing a collision that gives snow all year round – never more than 10 days without snow! Capturing the luck of their own nature, the Japanese have therefore created 2000 km of slopes and 1000 ski lifts among the major ski resorts! The powder snow, the very light snow resulting from the mix between Siberian winds and humidity from the sea, means that all the videos of free-riders on the net are shot in Hokkaido! Furthermore, the charm of Hokkaido also derives from the seas surrounding the island, from the volcanic rivers and lakes, and its great offer of spas: the famous Onsen. The mix of nature and ancient millenary culture make Hokkaido a real dream for ski enthusiasts.

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